School-Wide Assemblies

Interactive presentations for large groups designed to build safe, fun and bully-free school cultures

FREE TO BE: Creating bully-free communities

In this introductory assembly, students will learn:

  • 4 powerful “anti-bullying” techniques we all can use
  • The 3 types of bullying
  • Several ways to stop yourself from bullying others
TOOLS OF THE HEART: Use the tools, make powerful choices

In this follow-up assembly, students will:

  • Learn to ask for what they really want
  • Gain two skills to help them express themselves
  • Engage in role-plays to put the tools in action
  • Create a peaceful, powerful learning environment
BE AN ALLY: Standing together as a bully-free school

This interactive assembly teaches students what it means to be an
active ally when they see or hear bullying, teasing or any other hurtful
behavior. Students learn how to stand-up, speak out and help one
another safely and with respect.