Teacher Trainings

Dynamic, interactive presentations designed to help your staff “embody” the tools and skills your students will be learning, leaving teachers with critical understanding of social-emotional learning implementation and effective real-world solutions for handling student conflict, misbehavior, and even interpersonal relations


Teacher Trainings Will Help Accomplish Much Higher Program Integration By:

  • Taking staff through several exercises that will help them “empty” their own stress and tension more effectively
  • Offering exercises that go along with the workshops to help students integrate strategies
  • Offering simple ways to use the workshop tools as your discipline strategy – often shortening your discipline time and creating higher self-esteem and resiliency for the students

We need this here…I can’t believe that after only one assembly the number of kids to my office has dropped dramatically. There is a new attitude here and I can’t wait to have Soul Shoppe here once a month!

Jennifer LaRocque, Principal, Edison Elementary School, Daly City, CA

I was so impressed with the way Heath (Soul Shoppe facilitator) managed the different- aged audiences and engaged them, entertained them, taught them with words and music and the interactive video. He was awesome!

Judy Schmidt, Counselor, Longden Elementary School, Temple City, CA

We can tell when we haven’t had Soul Shoppe here in awhile. It has such a positive impact that we all can tell the difference in the students right away!

Kit Cosgriff, Principal, Allen Elementary School, San Bruno, CA

Thank you so much for coming to our school! Your assemblies are instructive and informative, yet they still are fun for the kids. It’s just what we needed.

Parent, Central Elementary School, Belmont, CA

Vicki & Joseph provide a rare blend of inspiration and heart with all the practical skills and tools necessary to bring forth positive change.

Yvonne & Rich Dutra-St John, MA MFT, Challenge Day Program Founders

Vicki and Joseph have a gift for reaching out and touching students’ spirit, resulting in them feeling good about themselves—the real key to success.

Bobbi DePorter, President, Learning Forum

This assembly made our students think. If you had asked any of our students before the assembly their definition of a bully, they would have said a bully is a kid who wanted their lunch money. But to see the girl in the video talk about emotional bullying, it really made a huge impact on our school. To see the different kinds of bullies made us all think.

Bill Maggins, Principal, Greenwood Elementary School, Toledo, OH

Great! Great! Great! Very clear getting her points across. Used lots of real life examples. I am very, very impressed with the tools I've been presented.

Jose Jimenez, Monitor, Le Lycee Francaise de San Francisco

She was friendly and very efficient on how to deliver her message which was concrete. The best part of the program was when she drew the scheme of our own neurologic system to explain how we react.

Le Lycee Francais, Teacher on Soul Shoppe's Teacher Training

Soul Shoppe completed the missing piece in my classroom management - it has given me the tools to help students work through problems and communicate their needs. I am so thankful for Soul Shoppe!

Kim Williams, 5th Grade Teacher, Quail Run Elementary, San Ramon, California