Year-Round Peace Program

Our year-round elementary peace program is cohesive and effective package of programs that help create a safe & respectful school environment

Components of the Year-Round Peace Program

Grade-level Workshops with follow-up lessons for teachers, focused on building emotional self-awareness and self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, positive problem solving and goal setting.

Student leadership program that trains a team of select 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Peacemakers to solve problems and provide ally-ship and communication support on the playground and in the classroom. Program components include: 3-2 hour training sessions & 1 follow-up session mid-year, a classified staff training, 1- 60 min session with your schools Peacemaker Liaison, 2 painted peace paths on your playground, a “party in a box” to celebrate at the end of the school year and more!

This 60-90 min in-service supports teachers to bring Social Emotional Learning to life in their interactions with students. We provide the foundational teachings of our work with students and give specific support around behavior management, creating classroom safety, and building empathy among students and staff.

This 60-90 min presentation provides support to parents with the foundational teachings of our work with students and gives them an experience of how to use the Soul Shoppe tools with their children, supporting them to help their children better manage their problems and emotions.

Year-Round Peace Program Package Includes:

  • 7 Grade-Level Workshops
  • 1 Peacemaker Program
  • 1 Staff In-Service
  • 1 Parent Training